Back to School Photo Tips

The first day of school brings up a wide range of emotion. Excitement, nervousness, dread…and that’s just from the parents. Whether they are seven or seventeen, you’ll want to capture the moments as your child starts a new chapter in her or his life as they had back to school.

Carman’s foto source and Fairview photo lab has compiled a list of tips for great photos and lasting memories of your child’s first day of school:

  • Don’t wait until the first day. Grab photos of your children picking out school supplies, deciding on their outfits or packing their lunch for back to school.
  • The first morning will present a variety of opportunities, from walking or taking the bus to school, seeing new and old friends, seeing their classrooms and meeting their new teachers.
  • After school will also be a great chance for photos. Your kids will want to show you new textbooks and notebooks or tell you about their day, the good and the bad. Capture their excitement.
  • Focus on the details. Grab photos of their lunch box or backpack, a jotted note from Mom or Dad for the first day, favourite school supplies, the little things that may go unnoticed but mean a lot.
  • Switch it up between posed photos and candid shots. You’ll love to see your school children posed on the front porch or in front of a school bus, but you will also want to see them getting ready for school or telling their friends about the summer.
  • Start a tradition. One of the great things about taking photos of your children on the first day of school (or the last day of school, for that matter) is being able to look back on how your child has grown over the years. That growth will be all the more apparent if you take the same photo each year. Find a good spot that can be used year after year. For quick identification of when the photo was taken, include a sign (even a piece of paper will do) that shows what grade your child is in.
  • Don’t forget Mom & Dad. You are an important part of your child’s life and they will want you to be there in some special way on the first day of school. Make sure you get in the photo as well, whether handing the camera off to a friend or using a timer. Give them a hug. Wave to them as they get on the bus. Help them pack their lunch or place items in their backpack.


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