Save Your Photos Day – September 30

Photographs, whether digital or physical, are an important part of our history and collection of memories. Whether they were passed down from our grandparents and parents or were created out of a personal passion for photography, these valuable artifacts represent days and moments in our lives and those of loved ones that can’t be reclaimed if lost. Every year thousands of photos are lost to natural disasters, fires, and other mishaps, Save Your Photos Day reminds you to safeguard these treasures.

History of Save Your Photos Day

Save Your Photos Day was started with the purpose of educating people on the ways to organize, share, and protect their memories from being lost to accidents and mishaps of all types. There are tons of options to protect your photographic memorabilia, and Save Your Photos Day reminds you to take that extra time to keep them safe.

The Save Your Photos Alliance is a huge supporter of Save Your Photos Day, and helps to provide information and techniques of storing and protecting your photos. They also organize events to bring together photo enthusiasts to raise money for charities including Alzheimer’s organizations. After all, what better way to fight a disease that destroys memories than by protecting them in a form that the disease can’t touch?

How to Celebrate Save Your Photos Day 

The first thing you want to do is get all of your photos organized, everything from your digital images to your oldest Polaroids, and start looking into ways to protect them. One of the ways that’s strongly suggested is to digitize all your photos. You can do this by setting up a special photography rig to take clear, complete photos of your images. Once they’re in digital format you can take them and upload them to one of a wide variety of cloud storage options.

However, electronic and virtual methods of saving your photos are not infallible so be sure to create, save and protect hard copies of your photos as well.

Photos were meant to be shared, so get together with your friends and family and share the stories in your photos, introduce people to family members or friends that they haven’t met or haven’t seen in years, and take a walk down memory lane.

Save Your Photos Day is also about saving your memories, and memories are best saved by being shared.

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We can help you save your photos every day of the year with a variety of services including:
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  • shoe box scanning
  • film processing
  • photo restoration
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